How to Convey Information Through Social Media

How to Convey Information Through Social Media

Social media is a means of unifying the nation. Because trillions of pairs of eyes have been focused on gadgets ranging from cellphones to laptops. The emergence of a number of free to paid applications increasingly allows everyone to interact better and continues to grow rapidly. Until now, social media activity is increasing day by day. It was because all kinds of information had circulated rapidly from one person to another.
Conveying information through social media can actually be done in an easy and simple way. However, not everyone is well acquainted with the grammar that deviates from the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI). That means that everyone should be guided by the standard language so that it is easier for readers to understand the contents.

Information is considered very good in providing data to information accurately. So that everyone can digest about the events that have happened and will happen the next day. And to deliver it through social media. Below we have given some important things to pay attention to, including;

Must be Fact-Based
The presentation of information on social media is always open to the public. But at least it must be based on facts. As has happened before, where a lot of fake news (Hoax) circulated to cause anxiety for internet users or other people in general. At least the purpose of providing aspirations or input should not be done carelessly. Because the target to be addressed consists of large groups of people.

An example is when the presenter of the information has accurate data. It is not impossible that they will continue to be important role models for many people. Because of course social media has been ingrained since the emergence of the best and fastest provider. At least the news that is repeated does not confuse the readers.

Must Use EYD
The next is that the submission of information on social media must use the Enhanced Spelling (EYD). It is known that a lot of fake news often appears without paying attention to a good and correct writing style. So that the readers will be lazy to continue reading until the end of the paragraph. Actually this rule does not bother the presenters of information. Instead they will be more cooperative in carrying out their duties.
So do not be surprised if all education is very demanding that all students master the EYD. Because apart from being used to convey news through social media. Later they will be skilled in distributing news using better media. Like newspapers, magazines and so on. Of course, the writing is structured to produce messages that are more useful for many people.

Not long-winded – Tele
And the last one is not long-winded. Although social media is not the number one means of news, at least the information provided must be clear and not contain elements of back and forth (Flashback). Every reader has their own character in capturing information. Sometimes they just go to the main wetting. There are also those who enjoy writing from beginning to end.

One time the news that was displayed was not clear or contained meanings that were very difficult to understand. Then the condition is wrong and will have a negative impact on the presenter. This often happens. So it should take flying hours and experience to produce the best news. Interestingly, online soccer gambling enthusiasts also continue to read many reviews as important guidelines before moving on to the betting arena.

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