Great Crises in North Korea

Great Crises in North Korea

Great Crises in North Korea – The supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un said that his country was in huge crises. The crisis was caused by COVID-19. In this, case, it was quite unique when he said that COVID-19 brought problem in his country and the people living in there. In the early case of COVID-19 on February 2020, Kim Jong Un said that there was no case of COVID-19 in North Korea. Then, the country also decided to block the access to the outside world through the border of the country. Moreover, blocking the access was done because of the pressure international world. In the end, Kim Jong Un had to announce the worst condition that may appear. He also asked the citizens to get ready in case the worst case really occurs. Related to the statement, it reminded by people of Kim Jong Il. In the era of 1990, North Korea had terrible famine

Yournextmp – In his speech published by KCNA, Kim mocked and blamed the officials and staff in North Korea since they could not handle the problem properly. In the speech as reported by KCNA, Kim Jong Un blamed the officials under him because their incompetence led to great crises. These would endanger the safety of the nation, safety of the citizen, and also other kinds of terrible consequences. Because of these problems, some people with positions lost their job and there was rotation among the government.

In this case, it is interesting to see meaning behind Kim Jong Un’s words. A researcher Ahn Chan II, that used to become traitor, said that speech of Kim Jong Un became the proof that Pyongyang was aware of the COVID-19 and that was why there were panic. Ahn also add, via BBC, that there was big possibility that the North Korea started to think about requesting assistance from international organization.Ahn also said that he would not make such statement and speech like that if there is no problem. However, he published and even blamed some people in the government so it became valid proof.

In addition, Dr. Leif-Eric Easley from Women University of Ewha, Seoul also said almost the similar statement as what is done by Ahn. Dr. Easley said that the speech indicated that condition of North Korea was no longer good enough. Even, Dr. Easley also said that condition of North Korea is worrisome. In this case, Dr. Easley also said that now it was probably good chances for Kim Jong Un. He could find scapegoat and blame them since they were lack in upholding the ideology of the country. “Maybe for Pyongyang, they have enough reasons to push the citizens, but on the other hands, they are ready to receive supports from other countries”, added Dr. Easley. It is not something impossible.

Although there was international punishment on North Korea, it is not impossible to requests for helps, especially for the vaccine. As what people know, only few countries can make the vaccine, and North Korea was not one of them. That is why when they want to be free from the crises, it is wise the open the blockade and start to look for helps and supports.

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