Belgium Performance in Defeating Portugal to Reach Quarterfinal for You Poker Game Player Should Know


Euro 2021 brings many surprises. After the group stage, the match becomes crucial since the team must win to continue the journey of obtaining the title of winner in Euro 2021. However, there are many surprises, and one of them was in the match between Belgium and Portugal. The match was interesting and in the end of the game, it was Belgium could get the ticket to fight in quarterfinal. The match ended with the score of 1-0 for Belgium. This was quite tragic since Portugal was not weak team. As one of the strong teams with high chances to win the trophy, it was sad to see the team could not continue the journey with only defeated by single goal. In the quarterfinal, Belgium will have match against Italy that will be held in Munich.

The only winning goal was made by Thorgan Hazard. It was not just simple goal but playing POKER GAME is simple. He shot from the outside of penalty area, and his shot was unpredicted. In the end, the swerving shot by Thorgan could not be anticipated and secured by Rui Patricio and it made Belgium secure their winning. The match was important for both team since it was to get the ticket to fight in quarterfinal. In addition, it was also important for Cristiano Ronaldo since there can be new record for him when he was able to score at least a goal in the match. Currently, Cristiano Ronaldo only needs single goal to set new record of top scorer in international competitions. The current record owner is Ali Daei that scored 109 goals. Unfortunately, his chance collapsed and Ronaldo should seek other occasion since he and his team should abandon the journey in Euro 2021.

Portugal lost the chance to get their second trophy in Euro. On the other hand, squad of Belgium still has hope to set new history in their national football since they have chance to win their first trophy and title in major tournaments. So far, greatest achievements of Belgium squad were finalist of European Championship in 1980 and third place in the previous World Cup. That is why the chance of bringing home the trophy becomes something special for the team.

The match also became the interesting game since there were two star-players fighting in the match. They were Kevin de Bruyne and Cristiano Ronaldo. Both of them were main players in each time. While Ronaldo could last and play until the end of the game, Bruyne had to leave the match because of injury. He got injury because he was tacked from behind. That was why Belgium should play in almost whole second half of the game without Kevin de Bruyne. The game was not easy for both of the team. Actually, Portugal also got some chances to score goals and made the match into draw. However, performance of Thibaut Courtois was great so he could secure the balls from some chances created by the Portugal. In the end, Portugal had to accept the result and missed the chance to obtain the second title of Euro champion.

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